Lemming Juice

The content on this website is 100% opinion and satire. It is not intended to serve as a source of news, but rather an opportunity to write, read, and discuss current events in the United States. There is not a fee to read anything on our website.

We focus on calling out the implied connotations in web content that result from a headline-driven media. In this age of constantly-changing, under-curated, socially-driven, and often low-quality content, Americans’ attention spans last about as long as a chocolate cupcake in a room full of kindergartners. The media know you are gullible lemmings ready to jump off a cliff – and they use their platforms to intentionally skew information and sway public opinion for monetary or political gain.

We are hopeful that this website will contribute in some small way to our ability as human beings to look beyond the headlines and question EVERYTHING we read.

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