Dem. Senators: “our voting infrastructure…threatens the integrity of our elections.”

Democrat leaders Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Sen. Amy Klobuchar, Sen. Ron Wyden, and House Representative Mark Pocan issued a formal statement in December 2019, which publicly questioned the safety and integrity of the American voting infrastructure. They shined a light on the possible malfunction and fraudulent use of the same machines and systems now under question in the aftermath of a messy Presidential election.

It is reported that some machines switched votes from one candidate to another which is leading to lawsuits and requests for hand counting of completed ballots. The complaint, that centered on “private equity” concerns, was perhaps an unintentional harbinger of the 2020 election.

Nearly a year later, Senator Warren tweeted on November 11th, “This administration’s refusal to concede is a slap in the face for the record-shattering number of Americans who voted in this election—many of them for the first time.” So evidently she has complete faith now in the same voter infrastructure she bashed just under a year ago.

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