80% of Americans believe Biden has won? The polls are wrong again.

MSM has reported that most Americans believe that Biden is the winner of the election, based on a Reuters/Ipsos poll. Publications like The Sun have issued misleading and alarming headlines like, “Nearly 80% of Americans accept Joe Biden won presidential election.” The Sun doesn’t trust you enough to interpret the poll, so their article published on November 10th, doesn’t even have a link to the poll they reference.

It is always important to ask questions about every poll, especially considering how often they are incorrect:

First, when was the poll taken? It is concerning that the poll was also taken beginning on Saturday, November 7 through Tuesday November 10th. November 7th was the day that the MSM decided that Joe Biden had won the presidential race and that information was spread far and wide across liberal-leaning publications. Concerns about vote tampering, ballot box stuffing, stolen ballots, and computer manipulation of votes have been growing steadily as evidence mounts.

Second, how are people sampled? The Reuters article explaining the poll mentions that the results that show 79% believe Biden to be the winner includes responses from only the 469 people who responded beginning Saturday, out of the 1300+ that were sampled for the entire survey that began on Friday. So Reuters is pulling a sample of the sample and typically for a population the size of American, 469 is not considered enough to be an accurate poll. Further, how is the question worded? It’s not clear from the article, but whether or not people believe Biden has won, doesn’t mean that people think a Biden win will be the final outcome and it doesn’t mean that people believe the voting was fair, free, and legal.

Third, how does the source lean? Both The Sun and Reuters lean left. Typically Reuters is considered centrist. However, in their article about this survey they say, “[Trump] prematurely declared victory well before the votes had been counted and has repeatedly complained without evidence that he is the victim of widespread voter fraud.” This is not at all an unbiased statement, publication, or reporter.

Finally, what is the track record of the polling source? Reuters/Ipsos showed Biden with a 7-point lead in the week leading up to the 2020 election – more than twice as much as the margin is as of today. They also consistently reported that Clinton had a significant margin over Trump and seventeen days before the 2016 election, they said that the electoral college would split at 326 votes for Clinton and 212 for Trump. The actual electoral votes came in at 227 for Clinton and 304 for Trump.

Always question what you read.

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