Portland, OR: landlords to pay moving expenses for tenants, cites Covid lockdown

In the 1970s, billboards appeared during tough economic times in Seattle, WA that said “Will the last person leaving SEATTLE – Turn out the lights.” If Portland keeps up their draconian behavior, they too will need a similar billboard.

Portland, OR and the State of Oregon continue to implement crippling, socialist legislation and mandates. The most recent travesty is a proposal to the Portland City Council to require landlords to pay for tenants’ moving costs. OregonLive reports: “The modification would go through at least the end of 2020. The current rule calls for landlords to pay $2,900 to $4,500 to help tenants with moving expenses if their rent is increased by 10% or more over a 12-month period.” Some landlords may be prompted to offload their rental properties in the city as a result.

Motley Fool also reported on the hardship to landlords, saying, “Portland landlords will be required to give tenants a minimum of 90 days’ notice if they plan to increase their rent. From there, tenants can provide written notice that they require assistance, and landlords could then be liable to pick up the tab for their relocation costs.” It’s a liability big enough that it’s anticipated that rents will increase overall as a result, to cover the additional expenses.

In case you missed it, The Center Square and Washington Examiner reported in September on the same topic: “Portland landlords will be footing the bill for their tenants moving expenses through next spring if they raise rent by any amount, the city council decided.” The draconian and socialist rule of the left will cripple the Oregon economy and cripple landlords going forward.

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