Joe Biden’s Boat Parades get a helping hand from Science: “We could make millions of these little boats!”

CNN reported on Wednesday that they have created a tiny boat that is 30 micrometers in length, about a third of the thickness of a hair.

Researchers have created the world’s smallest boat by using an electron microscope and a high resolution 3D printer. CNN spoke with Daniela Kraft, one of the researchers for the project. The little construction can be assigned tasks for medical purposes, inside the human body and their aim was to create ‘excellent swimmers’ for the medical challenges that lie ahead.

However, the researcher realized an equally earth-shattering positive attribute of the project: “We were watching tens of thousands of people participate in boat parades all around the country, in support of the Trump campaign,” Kraft remarked. “What we have created here, is a water vehicle that would allow Joe Biden to compete with his own Boat Parades, and we could make millions of these little boats, proof positive that there are more Biden voters than Trump voters!”

The researchers were delighted with their success. They are now working on a miniature Biden yard sign that can easily outnumber Trump signs all across America. The research project was funded in part by George Soros, the DNC, and the CNN Foundation. The most recent ABC/Hill/CNN poll showed that 53% of likely voters think the idea of a miniature boat parade for democrat presidential nominee, Biden, is an outstanding idea. Another 52% say they would be likely to attend such a rally.

The researchers acknowledged that they would also have to create miniature people to drive the little boats, people who actually believe in the Biden campaign promises. They admitted that making Biden voters would be a significantly more difficult task, especially 4 days before the election. “Making enough boats is possible, but people to actually vote for Biden? That’s another matter entirely,” Kraft remarked.

(The ‘article above is satire. However, the microboat project is actually a real and remarkable research project reported on by CNN. Click here to read more.)

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