ICYMI: 100-million meals, nearly 1/3 of Americans, receive food and heartwarming letter from the President

Farmers to Families Food Box Program Surpassed 100 Million Boxes Delivered to families in by September 29, 2020. That’s nearly 1/3 of the US population. The program so far has invested approximately $4-Billion into the food chain and the US Economy.

In an effort to support American farmers as well as American families in need, President Trump authorized shipment of food boxes around the nation. In September alone, approximately 30-million boxes were shipped.

The USDA website reports that the food box program “is part of the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) authorization. Entities that proposed under the previous solicitation, including current vendors, must resubmit a proposal to participate in the third round.”

Recipients receive a letter from the President as follows (the excerpts below are from a letter that was sent out when the projects was at the 50 million mark):

Dear Family,

As President, safeguarding the health and well-being of our citizens is one of my highest priorities. As part of our response to the coronavirus, I prioritized sending nutritious food from our farmers to families in need throughout America. We are partnering with local organizations, farms, and ranches to ensure that you receive locally-sourced fresh fruits and vegetables as well as dairy and meat products.

Over the last four weeks, we have delivered 50 million Farmers to Families Food Boxes to American families, and we will continue to serve those most in need during this challenging time.

The letter goes on to provide coronavirus website resources to the reader and ends with:

You and your loved ones are cherished members of our great American family. This pandemic has brought many hardships on millions of hardworking individuals and communities through no fault of their own. We will support America’s recovery every step of the way. Together, we will overcome this challenge, and our Nation will emerge from this crisis stronger than ever before.

Even this substantial effort to bolster the food distribution industry, support farmers, and support families who have lost their jobs due to lockdowns has been attacked by left-leaning media outlets. Several school districts responsible for aiding in the distribution of the food boxes have removed the President’s letter from the boxes. San Diego school district says that the coronavirus recommendations (which include hand washing, staying home when sick, and protecting the most vulnerable in our communities) contradict California’s mask mandate; the Los Angeles Unified School District also removed the letter citing the Hatch Act and accusing the President of using the letter for political purposes; the Oakland Unified School District bizarrely added to the communication saying, “OUSD is a sanctuary district, inside a sanctuary city, inside a sanctuary state, which means we support ALL of our students, families and staff no matter where they came from or how they got here.”

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue has also been accused on violating the Hatch Act for speaking about the impact of the Farmers to Families program and crediting President Trump for a successful program and for including a blatant appeal to a related audience to vote for Trump in November. He has been ordered to repay the government for the travel expenses associated with the appearance and event.

(Photo by PHÚC LONG on Unsplash)

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