Racist liberal author labels female Trump supporters as gullible and racist

Novelist Andrea Portes (@andrea_portes) writes a racist “Dear White women” opinion piece for CNN. We felt compelled to respond.

Dear Ms. Portes.

In your opinion letter, “Dear White women, let’s not fall for Trump’s racist bet on us” you make an impassioned plea for the good of humanity. You write with Steinem-ian misogyny about having to educate your own children and about your concerns that the “suburban housewife” vote will go to Trump if he appeals to the inner racism of White woman. Unfortunately, your piece screams loudly of privilege, not because you are White, but because you feel morally superior to every other White woman you know.

You have a shallow understanding of why women of any color, or men for that matter, would be inclined to vote for President Trump. You do not appear to be curious about the core reasons that massive crowds of supporters are attending Trump rallies, while Biden’s campaign-trail fans numbering in the dozens are clapping happily as he stumbles through prepared speeches. You have no understanding of the notion that when we (White women, and many others) see rioters and looters in our great American cities and we see people (including Blacks, Whites, police officers, and criminals) being shot in cold blood, we attribute the increase in violence to the rhetoric of the left. Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and so many others in the great Democrat party, by showcasing and sanctioning the violence, are in effect inciting it.

I have watched during the last several decades as the great American tenants of freedom of speech, human compassion, freedom of the press, and rugged individualism are afforded only to those who agree with a PC, liberal narrative. Protesters outside an emergency room where two police officers, both shot in the head by an unprovoked assailant, were allowed to chant “we hope they die” and block an ER entryway, (not too far from your home). This is happening, but the narrative from the left focuses exclusively on violence by Whites on Blacks, a small part of a much more complex story of endangerments for Black Americans. The response from liberals is not the free-to-be-you-and-me, Marlow-Thomas-era call for peace, but the ridiculous idea that peace can be achieved through violence.

The danger is not however the characterization of criminals as “Black bogeyman” you mention in your letter. The danger is you. Those who support the behavior of protesters, as they call for abolishment of police departments, are encouraging people to respond with violence. The vast majority of those protesters, including the ones resorting to violence for their cause, are similar to you – born in a White suburb, Bryn Mawr girls’ school, blonde California girl, work-from-home novelists who can’t understand why their own children disrespect parental authority. Instead of insisting on raising children with a moral compass and work ethic, they continue the tradition of rewarding mediocrity and “are fighting with [their] kids, pleading with [their] kids, bargaining with [their] kids — while they are whining, crying.” They are following the idiocy of a Presidential candidate who advocates for taking away firearms from law-abiding, alarmed citizens, within 24 hours of yet another cold-blooded fatal shooting. What kind of campaign manager would advise such a move? – the optics are just bad!

The real danger is you. You say that you are horrified by the deaths of Blacks at the hands of law enforcement, following political correctness by ‘saying the names’ of those you’ve been told were unjustly shot, and then remark that the violent “looters” taking advantage of the opportunity for personal gain, “rub you the wrong way.” One thing is clear, those who excuse the violent, murderous, and race-baiting stance of the left, (those who will vote for Joe Biden), are no less criminal because they are on the ‘right side’ of your preferred narrative.

The real danger is you. You are gullible to accept and parrot talking points of the MSM; you are negligent in not questioning the integrity of those reporters. You seem blind to the hypocrisy that comes from the left: Nancy Pelosi has a net worth of $120,000,000, earns $234,000 per year, and proudly fights for a stimulus package that spends Trillions, that will create even more debt for your children and generations to come. Biden supporters are visibly giddy to see the death toll reaches 200,000 – a heartbreaking milestone being used for political gain. Justice Ginsberg’s passing brought immediate condolences from prominent Republicans and Democrats but within minutes Democrats were using her death for a power grab. Your Governor Gavin Newsome giggles and smiles, surrounded by ash, overtaken by the glee of being able to attribute the tremendous loss of life and property to climate change (even though partially attributed to arsonists). Governor Andrew Cuomo leads NY with the second highest death rate in the country (.1%, 108 of 100,000), blames the President for the deaths, and wastes no time writing a book about how wonderfully he took care of NY during the crisis – all to make a personal profit from book sales. Mayors Lori Lightfoot and Ted Wheeler call for the defunding of their cities’ police forces and then call 911 for those same officers to protect their personal homes. These are abuses of power, motivated by a hunger for money and yet more power.

The real danger is you. You are part of the liberal privilege in our nation that has nothing to do with color or income, and everything to do with moral narcissism. Our liberal politicians carry deep bigotry against working class Americans and your letter criticizing Trump for “dividing White suburban voters from Black urban voters” is deeply hypocritical, racist, and misogynistic. You and those liberal politicians loudly espouse racial, ideological discrimination and disguise it as human compassion. Rhetoric like “All Cops are Bad,” “We hope they die,” “Death to America,” and numerous open calls to violence are unconscionable. Actions of violence, destruction of businesses, and bodily harm of ANY kind should not be tolerated, but politicians sit quietly terrified to denounce it, fearing a loss of political capital. You name your cause as “racial reckoning,” a subtle call to violence –  any protest that supports the rhetoric and violence, bodily injury, and murder as “understandable” or “justifiable,” should be thoroughly, openly, and loudly rejected by Trump supporters and Biden supporters alike. But in your letter, the violence only ‘rubs you the wrong way.’

We have seen vehement support for Trump’s reelection and the left seems quite comfortable dismissing that support as being the result of a racist President and his racist base. However, it is unfathomable that 50% (give or take) of our citizens are racists. It is unfathomable that racism only comes in one color, in one direction. The idea that half of American citizens are racist is ludicrous.

Gen-Xers like us are split fairly evenly between Republicans and Democrats, appropriate considering we are the sandwiched (and somewhat disregarded) generation. Additionally there is a large contingent of Trump supporters who are not necessarily Republicans and many on the left, like you, are without the curiosity to ask why. If Trump is as unlikable as you believe, why do so many support him? The increasing support for Trump from Blacks is telling; most minorities still lean Democrat but Trump has seen his support from Black voters more than double since the 2016 election. What should also be troubling to Democrats is that support for Trump from Blacks and Hispanics increased by 10% in response to the announcement of Kamala Harris as Biden’s minority running mate. Several polls are showing Trump in the lead, but the MSM shelters its viewers from that counter-narrative (the same sheltering they did during the 2016 election).

As Americans (including Democrats), we are fiercely independent, individualistic, and freedom-principled. We value life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and the uniquely-American human experience. A vast majority of Americans are against violence and deeply concerned about how a Biden-Harris administration would affect their civil liberties, especially in the age of draconian politicians who mandate infringement in response to Covid-19.  We are deeply concerned that the violence will continue under a Democrat administration – because Democrats are advocating for it.

It’s probably way too late in the game, but Biden-Harris supporters should seek answers to some very serious questions:

  • Democrats are blaming Trump for the Covid-19 crisis, Republicans are blaming local leadership of Mayors and Governors, why is that? Who is responsible for the welfare of citizens in the United States of America, a republic (not a monarchy)? The Civil War, with slavery as a talking point, was fought over states’ rights.
  • Why is support for Trump growing from Blacks, Hispanics, minorities, and women? 95% of women aged 50+ are planning on voting in the 2020 election, and 7 of 10 of them are undecided.
  • You are telling “White women”, ‘don’t fall for Trump’s racism.’  By doing this you are furthering the racial divide, name calling, and encouraging racism against “White women.” So, who then is the real danger? The real danger is you.


Editorial Staff, LemmingJuice.com

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