Twitter’s Election Interference

Twitter is expanding its policy to shut down QAnon-linked accounts and content to include candidates for public office and elected officials. In July, Twitter attacked and shut down some 7,000 Twitter accounts and users because they were supporting QAnon theories.

We have a long history in America of supporting freedoms in general, but at the core of our culture is the idea that an individual can believe and support whatever they want to. Certainly those engaging in criminal activity are legally barred from that criminal activity, and there is a long-standing debate about what constitutes hate speech as opposed to free speech. It’s not an issue without complexities.

All that being said, if someone wants to herald Howard the Duck (Marvel Comics) as presidential candidate of the All-Night Party of 1976, then they should be permitted to do so. Advocates for the Guns and Dope Party express their opinion about their party platform of Guns, Dope, Constitutional Democracy, and freedom for Ostriches, without so much as a peep from Twitter, much less a censorship or ban.

Others may choose the New Founding Fathers of America (NFFA), and support the consequence-free annual night of The Purge. Or perhaps you like Gracie Allen’s (and George Burns’) Surprise Party, a run for office and a publicity stunt by the actress in 1940.

Established (actual) parties supported by Americans include the United States Marijuana Party, which some would argue sends a dangerous message to Americans, Guns and Dope would disagree. The Working Class party, opposed to Marxism, beats the drum of eliminating the capitalist, corporate control of the Democrat and Republican parties. The Natural Law Party campaigns on the need for all citizens to participate in Transcendental Meditation which they claim will lead to the saving of trillions of dollars of taxpayer funds. Then there is of course the Green Party of America predicating their platform on the environment alone, regardless of cost, as opposed to the Constitution Party, which doesn’t believe in a climate crisis and supports free market solutions for energy independence.

The point is, this is America. We support the right of our citizens to speak their mind and support the causes of their choosing. Twitter is not a publishing platform based on how it is used for information, and any curating of content beyond illegal content (such as child pornography) is inappropriate. Twitter supports (by not censoring) the questionable rhetoric of Black Lives Matter and Antifa, and should also support the rhetoric of QAnon supporters. They are targeting conservative voices and it is direct interference with the 2020 election.

What none of us should support is violence from any group – and arrest and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.

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