Dear Warden @Jack

Dear Warden @Jack,

I’ve been on my best behavior. Please grant this request for parole.

Conservative Twitter User

Twitter continues to actively censor conservative voices and interfere with the 2020 election, while allowing freedom of expression for liberal voices of the current left-leaning political narrative. Twitter has censored the President, in a effort to hide his input and opinion. The President recently called Twitter out on not censoring inflammatory and inaccurate information from those who are against Trump winning a second term.

The inconsistencies are fairly blatant:

In February, Zero Hedge, a well-known conservative financial blog was suspended from Twitter because they published an article about whether or not the Coronavirus was manmade. Recently Zero Hedge posted a story about Facebook workers accusing the social media giant of suppressing the voices of their employees.

In August, the President shared a video about Coronavirus, arguing that children were virtually immune to the virus. The CDC has posted on its website, the numbers of individuals by age group who have died from Covid-19. In the 5-17 age group (school age children), there are fewer than 4 children in every 10,000 deaths (.036%). Facebook tagged the post as a “false claim” and Twitter shut down the Trump Campaign account until the video was removed.

Recently, a virologist from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, Dr. Li-Meng Yan, came forward with accusations that the virus was manmade. She was summarily removed from both Twitter and Facebook. She further asserted that the manmade virus was intentionally released into the population of China.

In October, Twitter censored and locked down accounts throughout the platform for posting several investigative reports from the NY Post about Hunter Biden that were damaging to the Presidential-hopeful, Joe Biden. NY Post itself was also locked out along with the President’s Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany.

The audacious censorship of content based on Twitter’s (scientific?) review of the Coronavirus and current politics is abhorrent. Our ability to have open and productive discussions about the virus is vital to finding solutions and ending the crisis. Our ability to have open and free discourse as we work to help people decide which candidate to vote for is critical to voting. Tactics used by Twitter (acting as a publisher, and not a platform for discussion and information) to determine what information the general public is exposed to, is eerily similar to the information control used by autocratic governments throughout the ages. One of Hitler’s primary goals in controlling the population of Germany in 1933, was to take over any press outlet not supporting the Third Reich. This allowed him to thoroughly indoctrinate the population which may not have been possible, had dissenting voices been heard. The Socialist and Fascist regime’s playbook is being mimicked in America, not by the current government, but by the ruling government of Social Media and Big Tech.

Even if not as melodramatic as working toward making the American government a fascist, socialist regime, Twitter’s and Facebook’s biased censorship is blatant election interference.

Read more here: Twitter’s Election Interference

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