Biden on The View about invading space, edited to sound worse – but it was awful anyway.

Biden answered questions on The View in April 2019, (before social distancing mandates, before Coronavirus), about the accusations from Nancy Pelosi and about his tendency to offend women by invading their space.

This is a question that Biden should have easily anticipated, but he appears to be wholly unprepared. He rambles, stumbles, and babbles through his response, despite Joy Behar’s effort to coax him through the answer. There was a version of this portion of the interview circulated that was edited to make Biden look worse, but the actual transcript is bad enough unedited. Below is the full 3:51 video transcript.

(The looks on the faces of the hosts, as they try to figure out what he is saying, are priceless:)

Here is the transcript:

Hostin: “You’ve also been criticized about your interactions with women. Seven women accused you of touching them without their permission, while they didn’t say it crossed the line into sexual harassment, they did say that you made them feel uncomfortable. Many have been critical about how you’ve handled it since. Nancy Pelosi said “to say ‘I’m sorry you were offended’ is not an apology”

Are you sorry for what you did?  Are you prepared to apologize to those women?

Biden: Look, here’s the deal, I had to be, and everybody needs to be, much more aware of the private space of men and women, it’s not just women, but primarily women, and, uh, and uh, I am much more cognizant of that, but I am so, like for example, uh, uh, I actually thought in my head, when I walked out here, I mean….do I,

Behar: I know…it’s…. sticky

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Biden: We’re friends. (incoherent) No, but, but, but I have to be aware. So I have to be, I have to be more cognizant, we all have to be more, a woman or a man has the right to say, particularly a women, to say ‘no, this is not my space.’ They shouldn’t have to say no, I should be able to read better. But, I have never in my life done anything in approaching a women, that has been, other than trying to bring, so, I’m used to, I, wuh, wuh, one of your staff was, pro-producing here, I’m not sure who it was back stage, saying, I remember you’re the only guy last time who got up and you walked into the audience.  ….I’m used to… I think it’s really important you listen,  I think those who are elected officials s’important to listen, and understand these people, and what they’re concerned about, and let them know that you know. And so I don’t think that’s old fashioned, I no think it’s everyone, should be doing that. But I have to be more careful, that I walk in, even including when I sit down next to somebody, and it’s not invited to sit down. That’s my responsibility. I have to be more aware and it’s totally legitimate, for someone not to have to say, ‘no no don’t get in my private space.’ It’s my job, it’s my job to read, no no this is space that no one wants me to invade. But, I, I,…anyway,… I think it’s legitimate. And I think it is,.. uh, and to, to and to and and to an… but I don’t think anyone’s ever said that I invade their space in a way that was designed to do something other than making them feel uncomfortable,  but not any thing having to do with harassment or anything else.

Hostin: They’ve said that, but they’ve also said we’d like an apology.

Biden: Well, look, I-I-I-I-I-I’m-I’m really sorry they, what I did, in talking to them, trying to console, that in fact they took it a different way. It’s my responsibility to make sure that I bend over backwards to try to understand not to do that. 

Behar: Nancy Pelosi wants you to say, ‘I’m sorry that I invaded your space.

Biden: So I invaded your space, I mean, I-I-I and I’m sorry this happened um but uh but I’m not sorry in the sense that I think I did anything that was intentionally designed to do anything wrong, or be inappropriate.  It was inappropriate, that I didn’t understand., that I took, I assumed, look  I-I was …anyway.

Here is a link to the full 3:51 video posted on the Daily Caller website.

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