WSJ: “This is an alarming resort to censorship.”

Worth reading from the Wall Street Journal: The evening of September 4th, the sometimes left-leaning Wall Street Journal published an editorial titled Facebook’s Rittenhouse Mistake. It is a great assessment of why Facebook’s (and other social media platforms’) censorship and manipulation of news feeds are antithetical to ensuring a fair hearing for the accused. It’s unAmerican, it’s unethical, and it’s irresponsible. Our constitutional freedoms are absolutely at stake and the treatment of Rittenhouse may very well be a harbinger of our future under democrat leadership.

WSJ: “This is an alarming resort to censorship on an issue of public concern by a company that has advertised its support for First Amendment values. Even more than most political controls on content, this blackout is troubling because it seems targeted at users’ expectation of freedom of speech and Mr. Rittenhouse’s right to due process.”

Thank you WSJ Editorial Board for sharing this viewpoint. (Click here to read the article.)

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