Morning Consult: Wonder why Americans don’t trust the media?

Morning Consult published a piece about the decline in credibility ratings for major news networks. They evaluated public opinion about ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and NPR.

The irony is that Morning Consult when ‘reporting’ on the declining trend frames the story with the ‘conclusion’ that President Trump, by frequently invoking the term “fake news”, has led Americans who identify as Republican to push the decline. This is an article with an agenda.

The supposition is contrary to the real story (as demonstrated in the charts they provide) that American’s trust in the news media is declining among members of BOTH parties. NPR interestingly, ranks dead last in credibility among all respondents, (2nd lowest among Democrats, only 4th lowest among Republicans).

In September of 2019, Gallup polled Americans to report that only 41% of Americans trust mass media sources. In June 2020, Rasmussen polled Americans likely-voters and reported that only 30% say they trust the political news they are receiving.

Other examples of MSM’s distortions:
ABC, The Hill print PACK OF LIES about wolves, in order to tamper with the election
Reinoehl shot, killed by U.S. Marshals: Why can’t the media be objective?
“Largely peaceful”: The Hill has published yet another misleading article.

Meme: Dear Media. We don’t trust you anymore. Love, The American People.

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