Media flat lies re: Unemployment records; Trump 4.82% – Biden 6.81%

A very misleading headline for a very misleading story was published by CNN on September 4, 2020: Trump’s job losses are the worst of any American president on record. Sweeping (and inaccurate) statement that gives a misperception about what really matters – the unemployment rate.

At this point, the jobs are not the critical statistic to weigh, considering unprecedented job loss as a direct result of a complete shutdown of the American economy. Anyone with any sense of reality and fairness blames ‘job loss’ on the shutting down of businesses all across the nation – and again, the President didn’t do that, Governors and Mayors did. The blame for the job loss this year goes to those local leaders who have locked down their cities and states and simultaneously condoned and supported violence and vandalism in America’s great cities.

With a complete shutdown of the American economy, it’s surprising that the unemployment rate (including job losses) wasn’t worse than the 14.7% peak in April/May. Unemployment numbers are almost half what they were at peak, with an incredible recovery down to 8.4% in 4 months time.

When Obama took office (1st full month in February 2009), unemployment was at 8.3%; when Trump took office in 2017, unemployment was at 4.7%. It’s important to note that the unemployment rate skyrocketed right before Obama took office because of the housing crash, up from 5.0% just a month before; the 3% drop was partially to be expected, not requiring a lot of attention from US politicians to achieve the drop. It took Biden and Obama nearly more than 6 years to bring it back down to 5.0%.

In Trump’s first three years, the US achieved record unemployment lows, down to 3.9% (a 0.8% drop in 2 years). Coronavirus hit which led to an overwhelming response of ‘shutdown’ and the economy came to a screeching halt. Even with the shutdown and double digit unemployment for FOUR months, Trump’s AVERAGE monthly unemployment while in office has been 4.82%. Biden-Obama average over eight years was 6.81% and 10.59% over the first 43 months (equivalent to Trump administration through August of 2020) – nearly 6% LOWER than Biden-Obama. It’s the average unemployment that most impacts the quality of life during any particular administration.

Here is an apples to apples comparison of the monthly unemployment rate between the Biden-Obama administration and the Trump administration so far:

First term through February (37 months)First term through August (43 months)First TermSecond TermOverall Average
Trump3.92%4.82%—–—– 4.82%
US monthly average unemployment rates

Here’s what it looks like in chart form:

More lies: Joe Biden on his website says, “the unemployment rate is higher than it was in the Great Recession.” The Great Recession is commonly considered as December 2007 – June 2009. In June, unemployment was up to 9.5% and the Biden-Obama administration continued to let it rise to 10.0% by October 2009. The current unemployment rate is well below June 2009’s 9.5%, and well below October 2009’s 10.0%, at 8.4% and falling.

Who do you believe can build this country back better?

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