Dear Media, We don’t trust you anymore

The American public has lost faith in the majority, (if not all), of the main stream media outlets. Social media outlets are also proving to be focused on (or at least influenced by) politics over good practice – moving quickly to serving as a curated information source rather than a platform.

During a volatile election year, during economic lockdown, during significant increases in violence, the media continues to put politics ahead of integrity. Sources are frequently unnamed and interjection of opinion is commonplace. The rise in “fact checking” is the direct result of publishing information before it is verified and in an effort to get the story out first.

June 2020, Rasmussen Poll: Only 30% of Americans trust the political news they are receiving.

April 2020, Morning Consult: Journalistic credibility at 51.2%. This evaluation says it all. The publication openly blames the drop in decline on Republicans and on President Trump. Despite that blame, the charts they share clearly show a decline in trust in both parties, across all main stream media resources.

September 2019, Gallup: Only 41% of Americans trust mass media sources.

This post is also intended for graphic sharing. Please feel free to download and repost the graphic, or simply copy and paste the link to this page and then post.

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