Reinoehl shot, killed by U.S. Marshals: Why can’t the media be objective?

Self-defined “Antifa” supporter and confessed-killer Michael Reinoehl, age 48, was killed on September 3, in Lacey, WA, a suburb of Olympia, WA. Olympia is the State Capital of Washington, approximately 63 miles South or Seattle, WA and 115 miles North of Portland, OR, the site of Reinoehl’s alleged crime.

(Click for more information about MSM’s inability to maintain objectivity here.)

Various sources have covered the incident. MSM continues to provide politically-slanted stories and sometimes the local media are far more objective. We found two fairly objective accounts on the shooting in Lacey, WA and a plethora of stories that use the incident to push the political anti-Trump narrative. The cognitive dissonance resulting from the MSM who portray Trump supporters as evil and Antifa and Black Lives Matter supporters as fighting the noble cause of social justice in America, continues to painted a skewed picture of reality – an effort on their part to stoke the flames of unrest, with the hope that it will damage the President’s campaign and lead to an election loss. The desperation of the left to ensure a Biden victory appears to be failing across the nation.

Two fairly objective articles:

  1. The Olympian: Portland shooting suspect fatally shot by US Marshals task force near Lacey: The Olympian published its story at 8:21, September 3. It is a factual and careful account of the incident, which reads with virtually no political bias.
  2. The Oregonian: Man sought in the fatal Portland shooting after Trump rally killed by officers in WA, published report says. Some additional details are included about Reinoehl’s past illegal behaviors, including instigating altercations at past Antifa/Black Lives Matter protests/riots.

Here are four examples of slanted articles we read, which aim to influence the November election by invoking the President’s name:

  1. CBS: Suspect in killing of right-wing protester fatally shot during arrest. CBS says, “Mr. Trump has portrayed people attending the wave of protests across the nation, who have demanded social justice and fair treatment of minorities by law enforcement, as ‘thugs’ and criminals as he campaigns for re-election on a tough “law and order” platform.” The article spends approximately 1/2 dozen paragraphs about the shooting of Reinoehl, followed by 6 negative paragraphs about Trump, FOLLOWED BY 6 paragraphs about Reinoehl’s past illegal behaviors.
  2. MSN: U.S. Marshals Shoot Michael Forest Reinoehl Dead As Trump Blasts Portland Police for No Arrest. MSN frames their story around President Trump in a transparent attempt to cast negative light on the President leading up to the election. MSN is once again void of journalistic integrity, transparent in their efforts to defame Trump. The story also references Olympia as being “southwest of Seattle,” true, but Twittersphere is a bit confused about the geography and many believe Lacey is nearer to Portland.
  3. Los Angeles Times: Portland shooting suspect Michael Reinoehl was no stranger to protest or confrontation. While the headline is reasonably objective, the article’s first sentence opens with an immediate effort to denigrate the President by characterizing Reinoehl as “the man believed to have fatally shot a supporter of President Trump.” The story includes positive characterization of Reinoehl as a “gentle giant” by “a friend.” LA Times also included information about Reinoehl’s violent and illegal past including possession of controlled substances, reckless driving, reckless endangerment, unlawful possession of a firearm, possessing a loaded gun in a public place, resisting arrest, and interfering with police.
  4. Forbes: Michael Forest Reinoehl, Suspect In Fatal Portland Shooting Of Right-Wing Protester, Killed By Officers During Arrest. Forbes also printed an article that disparages President Trump in the first sentence, “Federal law enforcement agents confirmed on Thursday that they fatally shot a suspect in the killing of right-wing protester Aaron J. Danielson, a member of a pro-Trump caravan that drove through downtown Portland last weekend and clashed with anti-racism protesters.” The article accuses “pro-Trump” individuals “inciting violence and firing paintballs.”

3 thoughts on “Reinoehl shot, killed by U.S. Marshals: Why can’t the media be objective?

  1. Grassleysgirl/Breitbartista says:

    Not wearing a muzzle, as I will not be showing support for Sharia law in the US of A. I will not be shamed or shunned into submission.
    I kneel for the Cross ,to acknowledge the sacrifice my Savior made.
    I stand for the flag to honor all who sacrificed ,some the ultimate sacrifice, so that our liberties may be spared.


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