Polls, polls, polls: remembering recent history, Clinton v. Trump

In 2016 leading up to the Presidential election, Hillary Clinton was consistently in the lead, sometimes by a double-digit margin. At the end of August, she was up by more than 5 points over President Trump. Real Clear Politics shows on its page, General Election: Trump vs. Biden, an average point lead of 7 for Biden over Trump during the last week of August.

Similarly, Real Clear Politics shows in polls taken during the last week of August, Biden at 49.3% and Trump at 42.2%. Huffington Post showed all polls together showed that Hillary was ahead 47.4% and Trump at 42.2% at the end of August 2016.

It is critical that the election be fair and clean, and that there is a good voter turn out.

By 2018, there were approximately 153-million registered voters. It is estimated that there are approximately 223.1-million people eligible to vote in the U.S. If the same number of people who voted in the 2016 election (approximately 129-million votes) also voted in the 2020 election, that would be about 54.8% of the population voting. In the case of a tight race, each vote is critical for either candidate.

Huffington Post has a great interactive chart, image below, which can be accessed directly here.

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