Hypocritical Biden and Co.: Smart Editorial Board at @insightsissues knocks it out of the park

If you’re not following Issues and Insights, start. Their Twitter handle is @insightsissues. They just posted an article, Here’s How We Know Biden Isn’t Sincere About ‘Condemning’ Violence written by their editorial board. The article knocks it out of the park (please forgive the sports analogy, now forbidden by the MSM.)

Point by point, the article outlines the clues heard at the Democrat Convention, revealing the cognitive dissonance swirling around during the 4-day Trump-bashing event. Lately, it has been a constant stream of hypocritical actions coming from the left including Pelosi’s maskless haircut, Cuomo’s maskless outing, Kenney’s maskless dining out, and Wheeler and Lightfoot securing special police protection while their citizens suffer and while they simultaneously refused the President’s offer to help. We see hypocritical accusations regularly including MSM’s designation of Sturgis and the Republican Convention as super-spreaders, but complete acceptance of crowds rioting (or protesting) unmasked in large groups, and the 40,000-attendee March on Washington.

The article begins:

Joe Biden wants the public to believe that he’s always deemed violence “unacceptable,” even when it’s perpetrated by leftists. But when he and his party held the national spotlight just two weeks ago, they were cheering on the same thugs as “peaceful protesters.”

“I condemn violence of every kind by anyone, whether on the left or the right,” Biden said on Monday.

That’s certainly news to anyone of the millions who watched his acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention. Biden had absolutely nothing whatsoever to say about the ongoing violence around the country. Zip. Zero. Nada.

It’s worth your time to read the full article here.

(photo by Taylor Simpson on Unsplash)

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