MSM: “No more sports analogies allowed!” – (because Trump used one)

What a ridiculus political landscape we are in, when the absurd becomes commonplace.

With raging, dire issues like the coronavirus, social/political tensions, murders on a dramatic rise in major American cities, and rampant violence, The Hill and other news outlets have decided to take issue with a sports analogy. The media (the MSM) is doing more than canceling our cultural and economic stability with their rhetoric, but they are angling to cancel ANYTHING on the grounds that it was done or said by President Trump. If the President says it, it must be bad.

Most recent example is a golf analogy that the President used in an interview discussion about the Jacob Blake shooting.

One of the most common comments in the social media, especially from the conservative side of the conversation, is “if literally any other President (or President’s relative) would have done it – it would have been cheered.” Recent cases in point include the left’s reaction to the President’s pardoning of Susan B. Anthony and the disgusting responses to First Lady’s historic renovation of the Rose Garden that ADDED more than 100 rose bushes to the space. Sometimes the left becomes completely unhinged like Bette Midler, who recently called the First Lady an “illegal alien” who “can’t speak English.”

So have any other politicians or Presidents use a sports analogy in the past? Based on the MSM reaction, you’d think that had never been the case. NPR wrote a story in January 2019 that quoted President Obama as dismissing the Jihadi groups activity by using a basketball analogy. The article says, “..five years ago, then-President Obama referred dismissively to the Jihadi groups which had inherited al-Qaida’s mantle by saying, quote, ‘the analogy we use around here … is if a jayvee team puts on Lakers uniforms, that doesn’t make them Kobe Bryant.”

NPR also printed an article in 2005 that explored past quotes by politicians using sports analogies:

A List of Who Said What in NPR’s ‘Political Sports’ Montage
1. “Moving down the Field” — Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY), Democratic National Convention, July 2004.
2. “Full Court Press” — Secretary of State Colin Powell, September 2001.
3. “The Main Bout” – Sen. Bob Dole (R-KS), March 1993.
4. “Hail Mary Pass” — Hillary Clinton, continuation of comments (see above).
5. “Down for the Count” — Robert Dole, continuation of comments, (see above).
6. “Not a Slam Dunk” — President Bill Clinton, March 1993.
7. “Moving the Goal Posts” — Dick Gephardt (D-MO) January 1996.
8. “Slow Ball” — President George H.W. Bush, campaigning in Ohio, October 1992.
9. “World Series of Tax Reform” — President Ronald Reagan, date unknown.”

Sometimes you just have to laugh at it all! (Click here for a fun satire article about basketball as it relates to social justice/equity issues.)

(photo by Morgan David de Lossy on Unsplash)

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