Biden’s lead in the polls narrows again – majority of likely voters approve of Trump

Recent polls from Emerson show that likely voters’ preference for Biden has dropped to 49% from the prior month. Trump is behind Biden by only 2 points, 49% to 47%. This is within the margin of error statistically. The poll was taken during August compared the previous July 4-point spread with Biden previously leading 50% to 46%. The gap is closing.

Recently Trafalgar shared results indicating the President has pulled ahead of Biden in polls in the battleground/swing state of Michigan. (Michigan’s Governor Whitmer is currently under inquiry by the DOJ regarding the large number of nursing home deaths her state.) The impact of continued violence in Democrat-led states appears to be a reasonable explanation for the continued move in Trump’s favor. Mayor Ted Wheeler was recently boxing above his weight class (please forgive the sports analogy) as he went head to head with the President over the Mayor’s inability to control the violence in Portland.

Trafalgar also shows Trump ahead of Biden by 11 points in Missouri, typically a red state, but nevertheless, a sizable lead.

Emerson also disclosed that Trump’s job approval rating is now at 49% with 47% of those polled, disapproving, a 2-point majority of respondents reporting approval for the President and the job he is doing. 

There have also been concerns expressed frequently about Biden’s cognitive ability to fill the post. As more soundbites are shared across social media, concerns grow about his mind and age that may also be changing the polls.

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