ABC, The Hill print PACK OF LIES about wolves, in order to tamper with the election

Unbelievable. It’s a big pack of lies!

The Hill printed an article titled Trump administration seeks to lift ‘endangered’ status on wolves by end of year. In the article and headline they accuse President Trump of delisting wolves from the endangered list. They said that the administration began proposing to lift the endangered status this year. This is a pack of lies.

ABC was just as bad in its article titled US wildlife officials aim to remove wolf protections in 2020: The Trump administration plans to lift endangered species protections for gray wolves across most of the nation by the end of the year. They provide the same information as The Hill, blaming the Trump administration and not providing adequate information. In addition, they use flowery language to suck in the never-Trumpers for yet another item to complain about (while in the background, Democrat-led cities are being allowed to burn by their Mayors and Governors). In one sentence they say, “[the wolves have been] shot, trapped and poisoned to near extinction…” It’s a pack of lies.

The action to remove the wolves from the list covering 48 states was already underway during the Obama administration. This happened prior to 2014. The Hill says “Montana, Idaho and Wyoming as well as areas of Oregon, Utah and Washington have opted to remove the wolves from endangered species protections,” with no additional clarification or acknowledgement of the timing. They intentionally mislead, allowing the reader to think that those changes were made during the current administration (beginning in 2019 with Trump’s appointee, Aurelia Skipwith). ABC makes the same convenient omission. Wholly unbecoming of anyone who calls themselves a journalist – disgusting!

Wolf population has rebounded in the last 100 years as a result of being on the endangered list, testimony to the effectiveness of the program. Some states have kept the wolves on their state endangered lists and the other states have had that prerogative too.

As a side note, Skipwith was confirmed in December 2019 by the Senate as the first Black Director of FWS and she received quiet bipartisan approval by a vote of 52-39. With a couple of acting directors in between, Skipwith followed Daniel Ashe, who was appointed during the Obama administration in 2011 and served as Director through 2017.

Both of these articles were published this week (The Hill, August 31 and ABC September 1). Reuters however published nearly the same information in March 2019 in an article titled, U.S. seeks to lift endangered species protection for gray wolf which was printed well before Skipwith’s confirmation by the Senate eight months ago.

The only possible motivation for the errors, the reprint of old news, and the lack of integrity was to stoke the flames of discontent among the left, with the hope of influencing and tampering with the November election.

(photo by Thomas Bonometti on Unsplash)

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