Biden says “All Lives Matter” – Hypocritical left strikes again –

Sunday, Biden issued a statement condemning the left-wing violence that led to the murder of a counter-protester in Portland the night before. Should have been a no-brainer, but it took him until almost 5:00 p.m. EST (nearly a full day after the homicide) to address the issue.

After getting past the ‘please donate’ wall on the website, the statement reads, “I condemn violence of every kind by any one, whether on the left or the right.” (Click here to go directly to the statement.) That language sounds an awful lot like “all lives matter” despite Democrat’s and Biden’s open support for Black Lives Matter and Antifa, (, the two groups most likely responsible for the murder of Saturday’s counter-protester. Joe Biden can’t have it both ways. He can’t support the importance of singling out Black lives and at the same time say that all deaths matter.

The #cognitivedissonance continues.

The biggest pressure point on the ballot for November, is the evaluation of whether or not Biden would bring the same kind of leadership to the White House that Democrats in the cities currently plagued by violence are bringing to their own jurisdictions.

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