The Hill: “Favorability better for Biden” – Good news!

The Hill (@thehill) posted a story on August 30, 2020 titled “Trump favorability flat after convention: poll.”

In 2016, the favorability comparison from Real Clear Politics showed Hillary Clinton with better favorability than Trump, even though she wan’t particularly likable.

What The Hill isn’t acknowledging is that the election isn’t about favorability. This is a race about ‘good-guy’ v. ‘bad-ass’ and Americans even if they don’t like the candidate, we always vote for the bad ass. We vote for the person we think has the strength, intestinal fortitude, and gonads to to the job!

Hillary actually had more gonads than soft, pampered, ol’ Joe – of course he’s got favorability.

Here’s another Real Clear Politics assessment of favorability, comparing Clinton, Biden, and Trump. Under the current circumstances with violence and mayhem in our Democrat-run cities, we are not inclined to support simpering politicians like Chicago’s Lightfoot who seem to have no skill in confronting far-left protesters, but call on the police officers she has denounced to protect her own personal property. We need politicians to end this violence and clean up the mess!

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