“largely peaceful”: The Hill has published yet another misleading article.

The article was published on Friday. The headline is “Protesters in Portland target mayor’s house, police union building”.

The headline is the first unethical misstep. Irresponsibly, @thehill posted the article in Twitter on Sunday morning, in the wake of protests focused on Trump supporters in Portland. Although the headline doesn’t say which protesters targeted the mayor’s house and the police union building, the absence of clarification becomes a problem because of intentional or unintentional timing with Saturday’s events. A reader not exploring the article may be led to believe that it was Trump supporters who targeted the Mayor’s home.

Secondly, The Hill writes, “The demonstrations were largely peaceful.” It attributes the statement to the Oregonian, deflecting blame for the statement.

The reality of those so-called ‘largely peaceful,’ is as follows:

  • Demonstrators vandalized storefronts with spray paint.
  • A mattress and other debris were set on fire and laid against the door of the Portland Police Association building.
  • Protesters set a dumpster on fire.
  • Protestors threw rocks and other objects at police officers on the scene.

And by the way, the following day, a conservative protester was killed by a radical liberal protester, allegedly with Antifa.

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