I don’t want Joe Biden’s America. I want my America.

Conservatives don’t want Biden’s or Trump’s America, conservatives want our America! Joe Biden just doesn’t seem to understand why Joe Biden’s America, especially when referring to the violence and liberal policies in Democrat-led cities, isn’t more effective than Trump’s America. But, both phrases have been overused. 

When Joe Biden invokes “Biden’s America” he is fueling the current dislike for the kind of leadership that conservatives are leary of — leadership that is socialist in nature and doesn’t allow for our uniquely-American, rugged individualism. It is the kind of leadership that pampers and appeases citizens, on full display by the likes of Governor Cuomo, Mayor Wheeler, and Speaker Pelosi, and so many more. Mask wearing, lockdowns, mandatory vaccines, high taxes, large social programs, closed businesses, and high unemployment are all the result of big Democrat government and liberal politics.

Instead, we want a President who will allow this great country to be Our America; and most conservatives (and some liberals) will vote for Trump to get it.

Here are two recent excerpts:

Joe Biden @JoeBiden

When Donald Trump says tonight you won’t be safe in Joe Biden’s America, look around and ask yourself: How safe do you feel in Donald Trump’s America?
9:58 PM · Aug 27, 2020

THE HILL (@thehill)
Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) said “we are not safe in Donald Trump’s America,” She added, “not only have we seen an increase in hate crimes, not only have we seen increases in crime, but we have seen 3,600 people die during the Republican Convention, Jonathan. Now over 180,000 people that died from this coronavirus.”
Aug 30, 2020

Above, Klobuchar says that ~3,600 people died from Coronavirus during the Republican Convention. (Death totals are currently being questioned upon release of adjusted CDC numbers.) That jab is a bit of a mistake on her part; if we’re making it a contest, then remember that ~4,200 people died during the Democrat Convention.

One thought on “I don’t want Joe Biden’s America. I want my America.

  1. dolphinwrite says:

    The very difficult thing is all too many speak the way of where they live. Most people will talk the talk of where they live and work, then cause themselves to “understand” the others, though many are not really thinking for themselves but going along to get along. And by a kind of self-hypnosis, they won’t do the hard research and listen to quality information lest they feel conflict within. I have known people, even family members, who started to “see” the real problems and real answers, then go back to sleep refusing to hear any more or even read hard evidence. I suppose, it’s scary for most people to feel alone, but then they live with their conflicts.


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