“SAY HER NAME!”: ‘protesters’ threaten Senator who championed Breonna Taylor Act

photo by breitbart

(photo by Breitbart)

On Thursday night, Senator Rand Paul and his wife were escorted by police through a threatening crowd of protestors following the final night of the Republican National Convention.

Angry protesters shouted, “BREONNA TAYLOR, SAY HER NAME! BREONNA TAYLOR, SAY HER NAME! SAY HER NAME!” (@breaking911 posted a video about an hour after the incident). One protester yelled, “You can’t acknowledge Breonna Taylor ever existed! That’s disgusting!” Other guests, some elderly, were walking away from the event to be met with angry, screaming demonstrators, middle fingers high in the air. (@tpcarney posted a video.) Many more videos of people being harassed in DC are circulating this morning in social media. Liberal tweets included those calling Rand Paul a white supremacist and a con-man.

This may be the single most poignant moment of hypocritical ridiculousness from the BLM movement. The protesters claim to champion the deaths of Blacks who have been unnecessarily killed by law enforcement officers in the US.

Last night, BLM’s secondary objective was to try to make enough noise to drown out the President’s acceptance speech during the final night of the RNC, which took place on the South Lawn of the White House. The intent of the organizers was not to cause damage, but to demonstrate their disdain for the sitting President.

Senator Paul introduced the Justice for Breonna Taylor Act to the Senate on June 11th. The act prohibits the kind of no-knock warrant that was used to enter Breonna’s home the night she was killed by police. In all likelihood, Paul has said the name “Breonna Taylor” more times than the average demonstrator last night.

The deep hypocrisy of those demonstrating is clear.

It’s not about the Breonna Taylors, or George Floyds of the county, it’s about the unrest that occurs when individuals and businesses are shut down across the nation, when jobs are taken away by those lockdowns, and when divisive rhetoric is used constantly by liberal media and politicians. Limited consequences for the rioting, looting, and vandalism has allowed the destruction to continue.

While the Washington Post and the New York Times were fact checking the President’s speech and slamming the speeches, Reuters was updating their article about the number of viewers for the convention, and Politico was complaining about the length of the President’s speech — not one of them mentioned the treatment of convention attendees.

One of the most poignant moments in the convention was an account of the June killing of a Black police officer by BLM and Antifa rioters as shared by his widow. His assassination was live-streamed in social media. During that story, the Washington Post chose to write about Mitch McConnell’s appearance in which he told the audience in a moment of levity, Democrats wanted to take away their hamburgers. Our news outlets are no longer news, and their true-blue colors are showing as they support the political narrative of the moment. Are they even interested in real stories?

As a side note, based on the number of interactions with the President’s tweets during the final night of the convention, he was shadow banned. The President rarely receives fewer than 20,000 comments for each tweet, but last night he was receiving a 10th of that number (or less).

We’ll wait to see if the RNC, Rand Paul, or the real needs of our nation get any legitimate coverage later today.

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