“Get that illegal alien off the stage!”: Bette Midler tweets on FLOTUS

(Updated August 26, 2020)

America was built by a diverse group of individuals: from indigenous peoples, to settlers, to slaves, to immigrants, defectors, and refugees. Around 1780, we began calling this coming together of different cultures, faiths, intellects, politics, and arts, “the melting pot.” The label was not rooted in conformity, but rather rooted in the idea that our differences make us stronger and wiser.

The vast majority of us were raised to defend against any mistreatment of others based solely on cultural differences. And our humanity extends beyond that to advocate for civilized and fair treatment of all Americans.  Our melting pot pride when combined with our indomitable spirit for independence and freedom have made Americans fiercely individualistic.

Democrats lean heavily on melting pot pride as a reason to embrace BLM and Antifa. Unfortunately, the general behavior of those same individuals sends a very different message; one of division. Fueled by social media, we are now embroiled in the fight of the century for social peace. It appears however, that it is not the Democrat party of hope and tolerance that is carrying a much-needed banner of peace.

Racism and Xenophobia from the Left:

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler just Tweeted about the Oregon Cares Fund that provides funds only for Black families – no other race need apply. According to the website, “The Oregon Cares Fund provides Black individuals, families, businesses and non-profits experiencing adverse effects from the COVID-19 pandemic with cash grants.” This sends a message that it is perfectly fine to discriminate against businesses and indivdiuals damaged by riots and vandalism (resulting from poor Mayoral leadership) as long as the discrimination is only against NON-Black citizens. It’s no wonder people and businesses are moving out of Portland.

Joe Biden’s choice of running mate was made based on race and gender – completely antithetical to the liberal rhetoric regarding equality and equity. Choosing a candidate based on the color of their skin, regardless of whether they are qualified to do the job is unconscionable and it is illegal. Even more telling is that Biden HAD to choose a person of color to obtain the maximum Democrat vote on election day.

Cruelty is becoming embedded in what it means to be an American.

One of the more egregious things we have witnessed recently has been the Twitter harassment of First Lady Melania Trump for her accent. Some believe she should not be First Lady because she was not born in the country. This response completely defies the love and tolerance narrative coming from the left – and ultimately it is anti-American. (Just last week, the tweeks raked her over the coals for completing a privately-funded, historic renovation of the Rose Garden, based on the 1962 Kennedy sketches, based on the rationale that she wasn’t American enough.) Here are some of the horrible things folks have said about her accent on Twitter (we left in the typos):

CanadiantrumpHater (@CanadiansHateT1)
Replying to @lunaticopresid1

“…. You know, as a Canadian, I was floored to hear the first lady (lower caps intensional) stand up and give a speech in a Russian esque accent made MY
8:20 PM · Aug 21, 2020

James Ellington (@no_longer_funny)
Replying to @AngrierWHStaff, @TulsaTeresa, and @DrBiden

“Yep it will be a wonderful thing to no longer have a x prostitute with a Russian accent as our first lady”
9:05 AM · Aug 19, 2020

( No MATTER Who VOTE BLUE ) #bluewave (@tellerby1964)
Replying to @MsTerryMcMillan

“I can’t get pass the accent…I pass…listening to her makes me think of the immigrants that were in cages…she ain’t no first lady…mail order bride.”
10:59 PM · Aug 20, 2020

Dave_Fouchey Wannabe Indiana Jones/Snake Wrangler (@Dave_Fouchey)
Replying to @DAbitty

“The only difference will be the accent! I’ll be soi glad to no longer have a Mail Order First Lady in the White House.”
1:49 PM · Aug 19, 2020

denny (@denny77910621)
Replying to @WisewomanD and @michaelschweitz

“Jackie was a First Lady admired around the world. The world mourned with her. People cried. This would never be for Melania. She’s just like him. No emotion selfish and destructive. When she speaks with that thick accent. I need an interpreter.”
5:39 PM · Aug 22, 2020

Richard X. Daystrom² (@Black_Powered)
Replying to @Swifter2341, @11_seven_22 and 4 others

“…. The only first lady in American history with an unintelligible, guttural, Eastern European accent.”
6:04 PM · Aug 23, 2020

After the First Lady’s speech at the Republican National Convention, the haters hunkered down on their hatred based on National Origin:

bettemidler bettemidler@BetteMidler

#beBest is back! A UGE bore! She can speak several words in a few languages. Get that illegal alien off the stage!”
10:42 PM · Aug 25, 2020·Twitter for iPhone


“Oh, God. She still can’t speak English.”
10:48 PM · Aug 25, 2020

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