Campaign Biden Sinking Fast – ‘good guy’ speech falls flat

There were glowing partisan opinions written about Biden’s convention speech. The speech was just what Biden’s base wanted to hear – ‘anybody but Trump.’ Biden, his campaign and the Democrats of our nation have once again made the morally-narcissistic assumption that any breathing body will be a shoe-in to win – the same mistake they made four years ago.  

There is no shortage of motivated voters, especially on the battle-weary right. For Biden to win the election, he would need to secure strong numbers in crossover votes, or at least appeal to those who are undecided. This speech did not accomplish that goal. The Democrat party’s tacit approval of the ongoing violence by focusing on “peaceful unrest” of the American public is a mistake. The Democrat party’s tired accusations that Trump and his supporters come in no other color than white-supremacist, is a mistake. The Democrat party’s assumption that political experience is the most important attribute in a candidate is a mistake.

Americans on both sides of the aisle have little tolerance for the current destruction of some of the world’s most incredible cities – and for Biden not to acknowledge the need to address that issue was a significant oversight. The speech left most viewers wholly unfulfilled. In addition to not condemning the violence, Biden’s speech provided zero policy substance. Instead, Biden was presented as the well-marinated politician he is, with a painful lack of legislative success after 47 years on the job. His handlers are banking on Biden’s ‘good guy’ persona at a time when the country is aching for a ‘bad ass’ to combat stifling socialist policies, sanctioned violence, and irresponsible leadership coming from the left.

We enjoyed reading the three articles below that outline where the speech went wrong and generally disappointed everyone (save those who will blindly follow.)

NY Magazine Intelligencer: Eric Levitz wrote a piece titled Joe Biden’s DNC Speech Was Spectacularly Adequate. The article walks an interesting line between supporting Biden and being utterly bewildered by the lack of luster in Biden’s acceptance speech. Our favorite line in the article is “Biden used his acceptance speech to hammer home his basic competence.”

Issues and Insights: Guest contributor, Bob Maistros, pens a great piece that provides a point by point assessment of the fallacies and inaccuracies in Biden’s acceptance speech, peppered with a terrific and articulate sense of cynical humor. Just the kind of snarky we appreciate: Sleepy Joe’s Sloppy Acceptance Address: Mis-Staged, Misconceived And Mismatched

Washington Examiner: Senior Political Analyst, Michael Barone, wrote an article titled, Biden’s effective speech — and its shortcomings. Washington Examiner does consistently lean right.  This article however discusses how the Biden speech was effective in speaking to the already-committed democrat voters and suggests the campaign missed an opportunity by neglecting to share any substantive policy proposals, “over the entire convention, we heard little or nothing about foreign policy.”

(photo by Blake Cheek on Unsplash)


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