What’s wrong with Nancy? – Post Office Politics

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democrats across America have cried loudly about Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s plans to streamline the US Postal Service.

Let’s hear that again: Democrats across America are AGAINST streamlining the USPS, a behemoth organization, fraught with overspending and waste of taxpayer dollars. They are motivated not by what’s best for the country, citizens, and USPS, but by a strong desire to win the Presidency and a strong, visceral, irrational hatred of President Trump. What’s wrong with Nancy? She is wholly myopic in her hatred – and she is following that hatred above all other motivators.

This is not a surprise to conservatives and liberals alike. It is painfully obvious to all of us that Pelosi and her colleagues are playing a dangerous political game. They are not afraid to use the tremendous power they have (gained from decades of politicking, making allies, and collecting favors-owed) for the purpose of winning a gameA political game. Much like NY Gov. Cuomo releasing a book for personal profit about his success as the leader who condemned thousands of NY nursing home patients to certain death, Pelosi aims for personal political profit at the expense of every American citizen. What’s wrong with Nancy? She cares about the game, she cares about winning, and not about the people.

In response to a combination of pressure from Democrats and some commonsense about what is best for everyone, PG DeJoy issued a statement (posted to the USPS website on August 18, 2020) saying that he would halt any changes to his plans to streamline USPS for the sake of the upcoming election. The appropriate response from the Democrats should have been “great, fixed that issue, aren’t we amazing!” But, it wasn’t.

Pelosi issued a counter statement within hours of DeJoy’s post. Figuratively speaking, she roundhouse-kicked the head of her perceived opponent after he had already acquiesced, as he was sitting dazed on the street. She also posted it to Twitter with a quick childish “gotcha” admonishment: “Nice try, Postmaster General DeJoy, but the House will still be passing our bill to ensure the delivery of the mail through the election.”

This kind of a response tells us exactly what’s wrong with Nancy Pelosi and her colleagues:

  1. Win the Presidency at all costs: It isn’t about the election and effective delivery of the mail. DeJoy’s decision to halt the operational reforms at USPS took care of that issue. It’s win the Presidency at all costs, evidenced by keeping a conflict alive when there isn’t any longer a conflict.
  2. Political points are more important than taxpayer savings: Pelosi and her cohorts are not concerned about overspending taxpayer dollars – she is so focused on the politics that she hasn’t once mentioned or acknowledged the need for USPS reform. She is using legislative time on a nonissue.
  3. Working to divide the nation: And perhaps most telling is her comment that the bill she would like to pass is “our” bill rather than “the” bill, or even “this critical” bill. It is a clear indicator of what motivates her and is clearly a divisive posture.

Speaker Pelosi needs to return to the business of legislating. She needs to acknowledge the concerns of all Americans at a perilous time in our country – all Americans. Instead she represents only the Democrat party itself, not even the Democrat voters. She is playing a game for her own gain, not fighting for the Democrat and Republican citizens of our nation. What’s wrong with Nancy? She is deeply entrenched in using our country and our citizens for political gain instead of using her vast experience in the political landscape to affect positive change for our country and our citizens.

(photo by Alejandro Barba on Unsplash)

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