USPS: Holiday mail volume greater than 2020 mail-in ballot volume

The USPS “Postal Facts” blog reports that 471.2-Million pieces of mail are delivered by 75,000 mail carriers daily.

128.9-Million people voted in 2016. According to the U.S. Election Assistance Commission. The total number of voters who voted early, absentee or by mail was 57.2 million in 2016, more than half.

Let’s assume the election is very popular this year and 150-Million people vote. In 2016, mail in ballots comprised a total of 33% of the votes, but let’s assume that’s 60% instead, due to the Coronavirus. That would be a total of 90-Million ballots will be cast by mail during the 2020 election.

Spread those 90-Million pieces of mail out over one week (even though in all likelihood, those pieces would be spread out over multiple weeks). During that week, assuming USPS delivers on Sundays too, there would be 12.8-Million EXTRA daily envelopes for carriers to deliver. Divided by 471.2-Million pieces of daily mail and you get a 2.7% increase in envelope and package volume during the election week.

16-Billion pieces of mail are delivered during the holiday season, from Thanksgiving to New years. Assuming 33 delivery days, that is a total of 484-Million pieces per day – a 2.88% increase in envelope volume during holiday weeks compared to daily average.

So, additional mail-in voting ballots would be LESS of an increase in volume than the holiday season, not to mention that the mail-in ballots are all envelopes and the increase in holiday volume includes a significant number of packages (a greater strain on the carriers).

When Postmaster General DeJoy says the post office will have no problem handling the potential mail-in ballots (as reported by the Associate Press story, MarketWatch), he’s quite right. USPS handles more than that during every holiday season.

The cries of election tampering as a result of not giving an additional $25-Billion to USPS in the stimulus package is hogwash, a misleading attempt to seed doubt among voters about the accuracy of the voting – the Democrats are simply hedging their bet against a November election loss, a sort of insurance policy.

This doesn’t eliminate the possibility of USPS working on behalf of the Democrat party however, by manipulating which envelopes make it to election results delivery points. There are numerous anecdotal accounts (mostly in social media) about ballots being color coded based on party affiliation or tagged with alpha-numeric codes on the outside of the envelopes alerting the carriers to the party affiliation of the vote enclosed. The postal workers union has endorsed Joe Biden for president, so it is reasonable to assume they would advocate for a Biden win and there would be an opportunity for them to sabotage the vote. No amount of stimulus will change that possibility.

This also doesn’t eliminate the possibility that there will be ballots filled out on behalf of other people, or multiple ballots counted for the same person, or the infirmed and deceased receiving ballots that someone else fills out for them. There are a variety of cases in which this has happened being circulated through social media and professional media sites that cause some alarm. No amount of stimulus will change that possibility either.

At the very least, it is safe to say that USPS is not the problem and they don’t need $25-Billion to protect the voting. The Democrats are playing a game with the American public and should be called to the carpet for their behavior.

(photo by Matthew T. Rader on Unsplash)

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