The USPS issue is a political game

USPS is a mess. According to a May report from the US Government Accountability office, the USPS has lost $78-Billion US Tax payer dollars since 2007. An article by the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board, (August 13, 2020) outlines in detail how the USPS now delivers fewer pieces of mail but the number of delivery locations has increased. Combine that broken business model with the absence of accountability for bottom line income and voila…..$78-Billion in the red.

Along comes new Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, an experienced business leader who says that we need to address the financial issues of USPS by cutting expenses and increasing revenue. (Not privatization but the adoption of some of best practices in private industry.) In another time and place, even liberals might concur. Instead, Mr. DeJoy instantly became a target in a political game and fight about the current stimulus package. On August 15th, protesters marched on DeJoy’s home in DC and then again on August 16th at his home in NC, demanding he discontinue USPS cost cutting measures.

The pressure point of the current stimulus package is focused on Democrat-proposed funding of $25-Billion to prop up USPS.  However, the post office currently has enough cash in their budget to provide services as-is until 2021, and DeJoy has openly shared with the press that USPS is fully capable of delivering the necessary mail-in ballots. The increased volume from the election is less than the volume during the USPS’s holiday rush. The fight over the $25-Billion USPS bailout is a colossal waste of everyone’s time.

So, why are they fighting? This is a dangerous game in an effort to sway election results. It’s dirty campaigning. This is a distraction for the conspiracy theorist in all of us that somehow the other side wants to be able to affect (or perhaps later contest) the November election results by being able to later say that the count is inaccurate or votes were misplaced. It’s hogwash.

Is there a possibility of voter mail-in fraud, yes. But that’s not the most important part; it’s about being able to say, “our guy didn’t win because of voter fraud” or “our guy didn’t win because the USPS didn’t get the money it needed to survive.” Our politicians in Congress are playing a childish game at our expense – they are not putting the American people first. Their primary role is to create legislation (or negate legislation) that best supports the American dream and the Constitution. They must hear loudly and clearly from the American public that we come first.

Because our legislators are so obsessed with getting the best of their political opposition, they are willing to sacrifice the health and welfare of American citizens to that end. Those same legislators have become millionaires during their time in office and are understandably, completely out of touch: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi with her color-coordinated silk virus masks, Representative Nadler who calls rioting a ‘myth’, Vice President Joe Biden who puts out a campaign ad showcasing his expensive classic Corvette, and Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeting disapproval of the New York City Police Union’s endorsement of President Trump with apparently no concern about USPS’s endorsement of Biden. They are all still receiving a full paycheck as are all the government employees who surround them.

I was in the room with Biden (before he was VP) at a private campaign event before the 2008 election. He was positively charming. He radiated hope and made those of us in the room feel like he understood us and wanted success for our nation. His personality is the primary reason he’s had a long and financially-fruitful career. People felt as though he was in touch with their reality.

To see him now, with no apparent awareness of the needs of the average American citizen is dramatic. He has proposed well-meaning, economy-crippling plans for climate control and social programs with the mindset of someone who deals with government budgets that run at a loss without consequence. He has adopted rhetoric in support of USPS, fear mongering about the virus, and he has joined the morally-narcissistic, win-at-all-costs attitude so prominent on the left. He continues to be the plagiarizing politician we have known for 40 years and he is not stepping forward to support freedom of expression that we hold so dear. As President Trump remains focused on critical issues including reviving our economy, monetary support for those hurt most by lockdowns, re-opening schools, the unemployment rate, violence in our cities, and concrete action toward world peace, the Liberals are arresting people for not wearing masks, supporting the continued destruction of peacekeeping forces and law enforcement, and supporting censorship of American opinion. As a voter, what are your priorities?

(photo by Andrew Winkler on Unsplash)

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