Biden-Harris will violate Constitution; masks, guns, and plastic straws…Oh my!

The voracity with which Joe and Kamala would like to take away your freedoms is mind-blowing. After fewer than four years of non-socialist leadership in the White House, the love-filled liberals would like to gobble up your civil liberties in a way that will stifle the success of every citizen for generations to come, including the “chosen” citizens they claim to want to protect.

The Editorial Board at I&I wrote an outstanding article discussing numerous promises made by the dynamic duo of Biden and Harris for President. As they pander to the liberal left, they are willing to crash through long-respected freedoms with the same reckless disregard as Antifa rioters with baseball bats have for Gucci and Tesla storefront windows. The editorial includes an abridged list of things that Click and Clack will take away from you in the form of bans and mandates, everything from masks wearing, to guns and gas bans, to plastic straw bans. These two democrat knuckleheads aren’t willing to enforce existing public safety laws to end looting and rioting, but they are more than willing to outlaw all new gasoline powered cars by 2040, the President’s tweets, and plastic bags.

Click here to read the article: “Joe Biden’s Mask Mandate Is Only The Beginning

I&I also linked their article to one written by ORC that delves into the unconstitutionality of a national mask mandate. “There is nothing [in the constitution] that authorizes a President Trump now, or a President Biden tomorrow, to mandate face coverings nationwide via executive power.” After reading the article, you’ll find yourself questioning why the 40-year political veteran Biden or the law-degreed Harris are not experienced enough to understand civil liberties and basic constitutional law, or skilled enough legislators to know what they can and cannot impose on American citizens. (And, Grande Dame Nancy Pelosi doesn’t seem to know either.) Or perhaps they all know that masks and fracking make good liberal stump speeches, and they’ll never have to fulfill the promise anyway because it will be disallowed down the road.

The article is worth a read: “The constitutionality of federal mask mandates.”

(photo by Engin Akyurt on Unsplash)

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