Harris on the Ticket ensures Trump Victory

The one thing that both the left and the right understand is that there is a very good chance that Biden will not survive the next four years. The left feigns their insult at such comments in social media, the right continues to jab and jest, but the reality is that Biden fairly regularly appears to be experiencing cognitive decline. For those of us (left and right) who have watched our parents succumb to the ravages of old age, this is heartbreaking. It is testimony to the desire of the left to beat Trump at all costs, human compassion and quality of life for the elderly be damned.

There are hints that even the left-leaning media fully understands that Biden is compromised. CNN’s radically liberal Chris Cillizza wrote on Wednesday morning that Harris’ “resume suggests [she] will be ready to step in if and when Biden decides to step aside.” This is a fairly transparent acknowledgement that Cillizza, like a lot of liberals, is concerned with how long Biden can last, if elected. Kamala Harris, the moment she was publicly announced as Biden’s VP pick, quickly sent nice tweets out about Biden, despite her prior attacks on him for his past racist behaviors. Biden is now officially the titular presumptive democrat nominee for president.

Five days ago, USA Today allowed the printing of an opinion article that slams Harris as a poor choice for VP saying, “She seems to have decided early on that, as a black woman, the only way to climb the ladder politically in the Golden State was to reassure white liberal donors that she could protect them and their belongings from people who looked like her. It worked. She rose all right — on the backs of the less connected: the poor, the dispossessed, people of color.” And that’s only the tip of a career iceberg of self-serving misconduct in Harris’ past – she has a track record of feeding her own hunger for political power instead of fighting for food in the bellies of California citizens. As Harris has been merrily skipping along the campaign trail, her beloved state of California has experienced some of the most poignant incidents of violence, homelessness, and theft. In Los Angeles where Harris lives, homicides increased 250% during the first week of June, according to the LAPD.

Recently, Rasmussen completed a poll asking Americans whether or not they thought that Biden could make it through one term. Evidently, 59% of voters believe it’s likely Biden’s running mate will become president before the end of Biden’s four-year term. Those who advocate for Harris are titillated by the idea of an historic first in the nation, a first Black female VP and soon to be first Black female President. Rasmussen goes on to say “even 49% of Democrats think it’s likely Biden’s vice president will become president in the next four years.” And we all love a great “first” story; it’s part of the fabric of our American culture.

(Meanwhile, Trump currently has the support of nearly 40% of Black voters [Rasmussen poll, also reported by pjmedia.com]. This is up from 26% a year ago and up from the 8% of the Black vote he received in 2016. Not only is that a remarkable jump, but very telling about voters’ willingness to support Joe Biden in the 2020 election. Clinton lost the 2016 election, despite receiving 88% of the Black vote.)

But here’s the real historic first. If Harris were to become President, she would be the first radically-liberal president in history. According to CBS News in an 8/12/20 story, Harris supports eliminating private health insurance and having Medicaid for All (regardless of citizenship status), complete support for NARAL and pro-choice for all, providing retroactive $2000 per month coronavirus relief for all citizens including children ($8000/mo. for a family of four), a 10-Trillion-dollar climate change plan supported by tax dollars, federal-level legalization of marijuana, and strict gun control nationally. These actions would cripple an already damaged economy, not to mention the psychological well-being of all Americans.

Americans are smart people. They will vote for Trump rather than risk handing the oval office to Kamala Harris.

(photo by Dan Dennis on Unsplash)

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