‘Fake News’ only makes you feel bad if you’re fake: Skip this NBC ‘News’ article.

We recently read a weak NBC News article that is basically a complete waste of digital ink, called “Betsy DeVos publicly absent as critical decisions are made on public school reopenings.” (FYI: ‘Weak’ is fairly generous.) The headline makes it sound like Betsy DeVos is hiding in a basement or missing in action.  Evidently, NBC News would like to see her somewhere, but it’s not clear WHERE they think she should be under current circumstances.

The article admits that the Education Department spokesperson relayed that Ms. DeVos is working from home and participating numerous virtual appointments (just like at least half of America, including many NBC News reporters…and some very well known politicians). The spokesperson also reported that Ms. DeVos has been spending time in DC and Michigan, including various road trips.

So where exactly SHOULD she be? If you remember correctly, most public schools are closed. Teachers are on the picket line instead of in the classroom.  Governors and school leadership are terrified that a child will perish from coronavirus, not for the noble reasons they would have you believe, but instead, for political gain. Did you want her to tour empty school classrooms?

Associations, unions, and education-focused organizations are canceling conferences and meetings, engaging in primarily virtual connections.  Did you want her to go to the local convention centers and speak (in person) to an empty room?

Governor Cuomo recently did a complete 180 and decided schools in New York will open, receiving only a small peep of disapproval in NBC’s coverage (see you can write a more objective story than this one). Did you want DeVos to go to New York and do a press conference? We suspect you would prefer she stay out of local education decisions.

Politicians and reporters all over the country are staying in their basements. America’s workforce has taken a substantial leap into the future with a wide-scale adoption of virtual meetings and services, but NBC feels it necessary to chastise DeVos for doing SOME of her work from home? The headline and the story are both misleading. We’ll wait with baited breath for your objective coverage of Biden being squirreled away for most of his campaign days along with the criticism you will undoubtedly levy against him when he begs for a virtual debate. Oh right, that’s not going to happen. You will defend him at all costs – because you are motivated by politics and not by your own mission of generating quality reporting for the American public.

NBC has taken information that is completely innocuous and transformed it into a series of negative and hollow allegations. NBC does this because they DON’T LIKE Ms. DeVos – and they don’t like her because she is in the Trump administration. Grow up! NBC, find something valuable to do with your time, and perhaps something to do that has at least an ounce of journalistic integrity. You’re almost as bad as Citizen Cillizza on CNN.

The media gets their knickers in a knot when President Trump uses the words “fake news”. If those snooze outlets were 100% above board, honest, impartial, and exhibited the integrity they loudly claim, they wouldn’t care whether or not someone called them fake.

We do NOT recommend reading the article – it’s a waste of your time.

(photo by Rubén Rodriguez on Unsplash)

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