CNN is grasping at straws – Biden failing, media laboring to change the narrative

CNN’s Editor at Large, Chris Cillizza, pens a piece titled “How Donald Trump has already handed Joe Biden a debate win” that is absolutely hilarious. Worthy of a great satire article, it defies good logic. I do not recommend reading the article, unless you’re the type of individual that likes to watch a car crash in action, and in horror. If you have to rubberneck, here is the link.

Cillizza represents the liberal class of political opinion writers who relish in any prose that contains a modicum of “gotcha” lobbed at those who do not agree with his politics. In this case, Cillizza has definitely NOT outwitted the competition and simultaneously, ironically he ascertains that Biden will outwit Trump.  (See, told you it was hilarious.)

Cillizza contends that because the world is recognizing Biden’s declining mental health and because Trump is capitalizing on that shortcoming, Biden will smell like a rose. The reason for this? Why, because his actual stench will be less foul than the general population is currently sniffing. Biden supporters are worried.

Perhaps Cillizza should go read “The Art of the Deal” or at least brush up on a little Machiavelli to get some insight. Over the weekend, Trump made a classic move by signing four Executive Orders in response to a lack of action on the part of self-proclaimed “master legislator” Speaker Pelosi (and of course her trusty sidekick, Senator Schumer). Ultimately Trump put her in the impossible position of having to either 1. accept the EOs, 2. return to the bargaining table, or 3. fight against the EOs, thereby sending a clear message to the public that her fight was more important than the aid they were just given. At the end of the day, he looked decisive and she looked a fool.

Similarly, Trump (and many many others) have commented with concern about Biden’s ability to serve as President. Those of us who have had a parent succumb to dementia or Alzheimer’s understand how debilitating these diseases can be – and how quickly they sweep through and ravage the human brain. Through these experiences, we have become aware of the signs of decline and we see them in Mr. Biden’s behavior.  We hope that when our time comes, our family, unlike Jill Biden, will shield us and help to secure the best quality of life for the time we have remaining. There are medical professionals who have noticed and commented on Biden’s declining ability to answer questions effectively and maintain composure in public (at least public places where there are actually people). We’ve been highly entertained by his masked bike riding, his wife taking live interviews while he only interviews by Zoom, and his short Twitter ride in his expensive Corvette. He is in an impossible position. If he chooses to debate virtually, we will be suspect. He can’t turn down the debates because it will give credence to the President’s criticisms; he can’t do the debate because he will not perform at Trump’s level. Checkmate.

(photo by David Matos on Unsplash)

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