Kids are ‘distressed’ by nature – Another study about other studies.

Daily Mail published a story titled “Some children find spending time in nature ‘distressing’ because it can trigger feelings of anxiety and despair linked to climate change.” After recovering from several minutes of debilitating laughter, rolling on the floor, stomach aching, we came to our senses and decided to share the joy with our readers.

Evidently, a crackerjack team of bored PhDs reviewed studies by others and gathered together their assessment of those combined studies, articles, and books. Say what? High end research by University of Colombia researchers for the British Ecological Society.

Daily Mail says “Children are triggered by the natural environment and fears” of climate change. They indicate that these children (of what age they don’t mention) have an “inability to control what was happening to the ‘unravelling biosphere’.” Say what the…?

By reading the article, you’ll be amazed to learn that a bunch of duly-educated professors have evidently spent their lockdown hours reading a bunch of material written by another bunch of educated professors who have unearthed two critically-important, world-changing revelations:

  1. Five year olds are afraid the planet is dying! These are the same five year old who the year before, at age four, decided they were transsexual and are now sitting around, iPhone in hand, discussing polar ice caps, penguin poop, and cosmoclimatology shared by glaciologists actively working to wrap Greenland in a Blanket.
  2. Kids are healthier and happier if they get outside and into nature. Rocket science there for sure. This is highly enlightening!

It’s a fun read during which you will experience involuntary eye rolls along with a strong desire to take your children to go duck hunting.

(beautiful photo by Max Goncharov on Unsplash)

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