Good Grief NY Times, can you mangle the facts any further?

U.S. Weighs Sweeping Travel Ban on Chinese Communist Party Members

Here’s a recent ad-selling headline from the NY Times.  The fluorescent-yellow-journalism article is titled “U.S. Weighs Sweeping Travel Ban on Chinese Communist Party Memberspublished on July 15, 2020.  The title of the article should be “U.S. Considers Expanding Travel Ban on China.” (We haven’t read it, but we have an opinion anyway.) – Ah, but that wouldn’t sell advertising would it?

Perhaps out of guilt, the creative writing team of Paul Mozur and Edward Wong, has provided you with a few clues in the article about the misleading nature of the headline (and misleading nature of the majority of the article as well).

The CDC website shares which visitors coming to the US from which countries are restricted.  The list includes China, Iran, Brazil, United Kingdom, and a large portion of Europe.  These Presidential Proclamations are also shared on the White House website and explain how the Administration was valuing the input and advice from the CDC and the WHO.  

Nowhere in the proclamations, nor the intent of the proclamations does the document refer to the political affiliation of the Chinese.  The Grand-canyon leap that Mozur and Wong have taken to outright lie to their readers that those who are members of the Communist Party are being targeted by any further travel bans or enhancements to the existing travel bans points directly at the writers’ lack of integrity.   Mozur and Wong would like you to read the headline, decide that this must mean that the President is a bigoted, racist, political zealot making ridiculous laws (which by the way, only Congress can make – did you miss that day in your Junior High School US History class or were you just not smart enough to understand the three branches of government?), and then promptly repost the link to their masterpiece of fiction without reading or questioning the content.  Headlines sell advertising.  Thanks for making money for your bosses gentlemen, I’m sure they appreciate it.  Strike one!Sadly, the lack of integrity is worse than just that.  The subtitle says “The presidential order under consideration would be based on the same statute in the Immigration and Nationality Act used in a 2017 travel ban on several predominantly Muslim countries.”  How cool is this!  If we add information about the countries from which travel was banned (based on geography and not percentage of citizens of a certain religious faith) then we’ll be able to pick up a second group of angry Trump-haters who will share the link.  And, sell more advertising.   Strike two!

Mozur and Wong take one more significant misstep by then letting the readers know that the travel ban (or expansion thereof) is being drafted by someone other than Trump (indicating he may or may not sign it), hasn’t been publicly shared in any draft form.  So wait, what?  It doesn’t even exist yet.  Strike three!  You’re out!- or you should be.

If all that isn’t bad enough, in the first paragraph, Mozur and Wong characterize the potential, not real yet proclamation “a move that would almost certainly prompt retaliation against Americans seeking to enter or remain in China and exacerbate tensions between the two nations.” Why would these two so-called reporters take it upon themselves to add this kind of sentence which is not only conjecture, but may incite negative foreign relations?  This is irresponsible journalism of the tallest order.  This is an effort to undermine the country.  Strike four?

I wonder if anyone at the New York Times can write an objective sentence much less and objective article that isn’t influenced by a political rage from the mouths of a generation of morally-narcissistic millennidiots who believe they are qualified to be CEO of GM and are living under the delusion that if they read Google, they are just as smart as those who have been in the business for decades.  Sad thing is that their babyboomer bosses, clutching their Fidelity account statements for dear life and taking the Range Rover for a spin inside their gated subdivision, are condoning, supporting, lauding, and encouraging this kind of writing.  After all, everyone deserves a trophy, even the ‘journalists’ who are peddling untruths and fear. 


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