CNBC Suggests They Think Others May Be Dumbasses.

Medical scientists, oh wait, not scientists.  Journalists, oh wait, not journalists.  Creative writers, that’s it.  Creative writers Berkeley Lovelace Jr. and Will Feuer penned a Writing-101 tale that was published by CNBC on July 14, 2020 titled CDC says U.S. could get coronavirus under control in one to two months if everyone wears a mask.  There you go again, CNBC, contorting the headlines to get the social-media shares – shame on you! 

The media has consistently and frequently contributed to a continually-growing hysteria about the virus, even with declining death totals around the globe.  The only intelligence they have in their pretty little Amazon-worshipping heads is the slippery nugget of golden truth that the majority of the general public are gullible sheep.  Herds of American lemmings are at the edge of the cliff, reposting this drivel based on reading the headlines alone, because the headlines fit their own personal, political agenda and because the App makes reposting a simple 1-click endeavor.  And, clearly, we are a bunch of emoji-loving, drama queens worthy of “A Little Golden Book” Chicken Little notoriety. Thanks CNBC for spreading the doomsday vibe that is energizing so many terrified lockdown detainees.

The headline of the story would lead you to believe that the magic answer to our current crisis is ‘everyone’ wearing a mask for as little as 4 weeks – that’s it, and this nightmare will go away. (Never mind the possibility that even if true, it would likely be a temporary fix until the masks came off again.)  CNBC must stand for Clearly Not Being Correct, considering how much they would like to tap into your human fears to sell more advertising.  It’s all about the clicks, baby, and you…just…clicked!  According to the article, it was the Director of the CDC (not the CDC in any official publication by the way) who said, “I THINK IF we could get everybody to wear a mask right now I THINK in four, six, eight weeks we COULD bring this epidemic under control.”  You “think”?  Hardly a definitive or scientific statement.

Later the article reads “Studies SUGGEST the masks MAY serve as a helpful barrier to spreading infection.”  Another definitive statement.  Careful Berkeley and Will, you’ll let us see your modicum of integrity in this sentence – something inside you wants to be honest (or at least to be able to SAY you were being honest in the copy).  Nice of these two boys to give us clues to the real truth; the studies provide no more clarity than an average politician’s carefully crafted grammar.  Remember, “I did not have sex with that woman.”

LemmingJuice was reported to have suggested that the title of the article could, should, or would read, “A person who works at the CDC says U.S. maybe, kinda, might slightly reduce the number of coronavirus cases if they did something, not sure what, but did it with conviction.

Here’s another sentence that tells us nothing: “SOME researchers have SUGGESTED that the coronavirus COULD spread through aerosolized droplets, or particles that travel by air, particularly in poorly ventilated spaces.”  “Could spread?”  Clear as a Beverly-Hills-housewife’s mud mask.  And another, “Last week, the WHO acknowledged that airborne transmission WAS POSSIBLE mostly in closed spaces indoors, saying MORE RESEARCH WAS NEEDED TO BE CERTAIN.”  Definitely more research needed – WHO are you (who-who, who-who)? Congratulations gentlemen, that there is some Pulitzer-Prize-worthy, Koolaid-drinking journalism! Moral Narcissism – that was the moment when Lovelace and Feuer realized you and everyone ELSE was a dumbass!


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