The Washington Post: Leading you Astray….Again

Meagan Flynn (AKA Ms. Leeding) uses her disguise as a journalist to bait you into reading and then reposting a headline that is simply lying.  On July 15, 2020, The Washington Post published Ms. Leeding’s article titled Missouri governor says Trump is ‘getting involved’ in case of St. Louis couple who pointed guns at protesters.

For all those who read the headline and reposted without reading the article, may a thousand sand fleas take up residence in the hair of your wife’s armpits.  Those who looked beyond the headline saw that the very first paragraph, (with one small change) actually says “Missouri Gov. Mike Parson said Tuesday that President Donald Trump would be ‘getting involved’.”  That’s quite a bit softer and the discrepancy makes it clear that the Washington Post doesn’t take seriously its commitment to the first of seven principles penned by its own founder Eugene Meyer: “The first mission of a newspaper is to tell the truth as nearly as the truth may be ascertained.”  Clearly Ms. Leeding’s ability to ascertain the truth was hampered by her clouded mental acuity resulting from having her head deeply sunk into her Washington Post(erior).

Go on to read more of the article, and it becomes clear that more than just one word in the title is inaccurately representing the facts of the story, which has limited value beyond acknowledging a positive relationship between the President and the Governor of Missouri.  The reality is that the Governor and the President were chatting (just before the Governors’ Coronavirus Briefing) about the McCloskeys, Missouri citizens brought up on charges for holding a legally-owned gun while standing on their own private property.  The President reportedly said that he would “do everything within his powers to help with the situation.”  From this fairly innocuous exchange, Ms. Leeding distilled this non-story into a headline that erroneously implies the President and the Governor are somehow at odds and the President is going to interfere inappropriately.

Further, the story of the McCloskeys is the current knee-jerk cry of “Racists!” coming out of the mouths of the liberal media like “Squirrel!” out of the mouth of Dug the Dog.  The article reads “the St. Louis couple who pointed guns at a group of protesters passing outside their home,” and later (only one sentence later) it reads “Mark and Patricia McCloskey, who went viral after brandishing guns at protesters on the private street outside their mansion on June 28.”  What the What?  Which is it, pointing or brandishing, a home or a mansion, outside their home or on a private street?  The nuances are misleading, Ms. Leeding! 

Another headline from reporter Teo Armus states that Mr. McCloskey was “pointing his AKA at the protesters”.  In the video it doesn’t appear he was pointing his gun toward the protesters but then again, today’s reporters report what they want to, objectivity be damned; interestingly, Armus’ Twitter feed notes that the Washington Post is hiring freelance writers (to which one Armus follower replied “…hiring journalists or writers?”  Good question given Armus’ and Ms. Leeding’s articles.)  Mysteriously absent in Ms. Leeding’s article is the statement (and photo evidence) that the McCloskeys’ property was vandalized.  In watching the video, it is clear that the McCloskey’s were in a defensive posture and it seems likely their desire was to defend their property and holding their ground. (It also appeared that the McCloskey’s might benefit from some firearms-handling training.) Ms. Leeding also doesn’t feel it necessary to mention that the guns were legally owned – evidently that doesn’t fall in the bounds of the second of Mr. Meyer’s precepts, “The newspaper shall tell ALL the truth so far as it can learn it, concerning the important affairs of America and the world.” (ALL is capitalized in the sentence on the Washington Posterior website.)  Or perhaps it was all the writer could learn with her current reporter skills and reduced mental acuity, in which case, she shouldn’t be a reporter and certainly shouldn’t claim journalistic integrity nor intellect.

Eugene Meyer is rolling over in his grave.  And the Washington Post is bagging more advertising money at the expense of his legacy.

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