Lobotomy by CNN

CNN: the Crooked News Network

On July 11, 2020, CNN published a fear-mongering article that was crafted with Walter-Freeman surgical precision entitled, Expert warns the US is approaching ‘one of the most unstable times in the history of our country’.  The article presents limited facts or data to support the claim that the future outlook is nothing short of dire and it is riddled with predictions for the future that are unsubstantiated but for the word we are to swallow of one so-called expert.

Recently, a nurse in a seniors’ retirement community reported to LemmingJuice that she was witnessing repeated cases of elderly individuals refusing to go to the local hospital for serious concerns including heart attack symptoms and broken legs. Why are they so terrified? Likely, they’re listening to the daily drivel from CNN. Rather than boycotting such evil companies as Chick-fil-A, Hobby Lobby, Gillette or Goya for disagreeing with our socio-political agenda, how about we boycott ‘news’ entities like CNN. These money-driven ‘news’ outlets are working against the greater good by creating panic in an effort to fatten their Corkor Vegan Wallets and unethically sway voters by providing political opinions that masquerade as legitimate news.  Goya isn’t trying to tell us how to vote and Chick-fil-A makes a damn fine chicken sandwich.  CNN, however is unabashedly telling us which politicians they believe we shouldn’t vote for, and warping the ‘news’ to serve as accessory to political homicide. (They hope.)

The article’s headline is troubling enough considering it is 100% conjecture with a sweeping prediction by a Professor (Peter Hotez, MD) who, based on his LinkedIn profile, has never held a position in a hospital providing direct care, much less worked daily in an ICU.  As Prof. Hotez looks through a haze of burning sage at his shiny crystal ball, he reportedly sees into the future that the American hospital system will completely run out of beds and medical staff saying, ”we won’t have enough manpower, human power, to manage all of this.” (With a woeful tear in his eye.) So, he has access to and knows all the financial and operational information of the hospitals in the country, along with their supply levels of beds and bedpans?  Ironically, as he peddles awe-inspiring predictions, CNN also produced a video called “White House running misinformation campaign”; in the video Hotez (sporting a decidedly professorial ensemble of bowtie and disheveled crop of hair), arrogantly and without consequence blames the Executive Office for hospitals supposedly being underprepared for the cases arriving on their collective doorsteps.  If this morally-narcissistic, self-anointed-authority with suede elbow patches really wanted to make a difference, he would immediately offer his services as a physician (provided his license is still valid) working in his local emergency rooms. In no way should he be given permission to Monday-morning-quarterback the sometimes-harrowing work of nurses, doctors, politicians, or anyone else for that matter.

Equally hypocritical, CNN itself has been mounting a misinformation campaign through a stunning array of headlines that have been hitting the general public like bugs on a windshield of a car driving 80-mph through a swarm of locusts.  This is nothing new for many ‘news’ outlets, but clearly there are some purveyors of misinformation who are on a utopian-high when finding any opportunity to alarm the public with headlines that overwhelm the disaster-seeking narrative in our social media feeds.  Here are a few examples of fear-baiting, anarchy-promoting headlines from CNN the last couple days:

Doctor paints dire picture: We’re running out of beds in the morgue (tapping into the end-of-the-world fears)

21-year-old brought home coronavirus, dad on ventilator now (scaring us away from our own family members)

ICU nurse hospitalized with Covid-19 after testing negative (promulgating the silent, dormant virus scenario)

Urgent calls for Trump administration to help with COVID-19 supplies (trying to affect election outcomes through fear)

California rolling back reopening as Covid-19 cases rise (pressing the agenda of an increase in cases when death rates have dropped significantly since April/May)

The media is peddling fear.  CNN: Crooked News Network




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